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Public Transport Information Specialists

JourneyPlan provides consultancy, services and software development to support clients in the field of Passenger Transport Information (PTI) with state of the art information technology applications and operations to help increase revenue and improve service.

Recent articles in the press and technical journals have highlighted the challenge of providing current, accurate passenger timetable information to the travelling public and tourists. We are especially interested in achieving accessibility for all.

A key focus is the provision of a range of consistent trip planning applications with multiple distribution channels. This approach enables the same data and application technology to be used for journey planning advice on standalone systems, networked solutions, Internet and Intranet applications and mobile technologies including Palm, PocketPC and SMS.

There are two powerful, scalable and modular core technologies available from JourneyPlan:

1. a broad timetable Database technology with printed and electronic output tools.
2. a powerful range of journey planners for a wide scope of implementation options.

Passenger Transport Information Database

The Basic Timetable Data (BTD) format pre-dates and yet closely matches recent transport database concepts such as ‘Transmodel’ and has been in professional use since the early 1990s. This is designed to:

  • integrate Passenger Transport Information and include any mode of transport;

  • support multiple outputs from a single data source;

  • support quality and minimise the risk of errors;

  • enable highly productive and efficient updating so thereby freeing up valuable human resources;

  • enable rapid data exchange between users;

  • translate and work with data from other formats.

Diadem+ (Data Input and Data Editing Module), is a programme specifically designed to support developments in PTI whilst making it straightforward for a non-technical person to maintain and edit public transport schedule data. Diadem+ now allows the user to save timetables in” html” format and import / export in TransXChange format.

strong>Journey Planning

Building on our commitment to modular and scalable technology, our journey planning and fulfilment systems are designed to allow data flow to management and commercial systems. Implementation capabilities include:

  • basic point to point trip planners (e.g.: UK Rail and Air);

  • place-to-place at enhanced timing point level

  • full country-wide implementation from any street address to any other street address (Netherlands);

  • geo-coding, map based and address based systems can be supplied;

  • an integrated journey planning and fare information system has been implemented;

  • seat reservations, electronic ticketing and e-commerce transactions can be implemented.


We supplied the Scottish National PTI Database and Call Centre from 2000 – 2005 using our BTD system and journey planning software. The initial delivery took place on schedule on 3 January 2001 followed by fine tuning. This multi-modal system was implemented in 3 months and achieved national recognition in the UK.

In 2002 we become suppliers of a Call Centre and Internet journey planner to Translink in Northern Ireland and were awarded the contract to be suppliers to the North of England Transport Information System (NETIS) in 2003 and the UK Transport Direct project in 2004.

JourneyPlan is supplier to the five Highlands and Islands counties of Scotland, providing training in PTI data input and maintenance timetable output, case notice production. The JourneyPlan database system is used extensively in the North of England and Scottish Borders.

JourneyPlan uses its own technology operationally in its Data Centre and has wide practical experience, under genuine production pressures, of producing the national Scottish system using the same tools and expertise available to all our customers.

Company Legal Information

JourneyPlan Ltd is a company registered in Scotland with company number SC177690 with its Registered Office at Suite 46, 16 Cromarty Campus, Rosyth Europarc, Fife KY11 2WX. VAT Registration No. 699 8552 47.