(Data Input and Data Editing Module)

Diadem+ is an advanced yet simple to use application for the input and editing of timetable information (data).

Diadem allows the user to easily input timetable information to a PTI database by selecting the bus stop name from a set of pre-defined resources made up of all bus stops, operators and services.


DIADEM+ is a Windows PC software product specifically designed to enable non-technical people to swiftly enter or edit/update timetable data.

You select your origin, destination and calling points from a pre-defined resources list and simply enter other information that is required to make the timetable complete. This will include the times at each timing point or intermediate point and days run information (e.g. Mondays to Fridays, School Days, Sundays Only, Holiday etc). Other information such as operator name can be included along with platform or stance information and low floor and wheelchair accessibility.

Multiple timetables for individual services are supported. Individual journeys or whole services can be started/end dated and both old/new timetables are available concurrently.

Smart use of technology minimises the risk of spelling mistakes and inconsistent times such as arriving in one location before departure from the previous stop.

The output files from Diadem can be used for various purposes such as:

  • Bus stop, platform or interchange ‘case notice’ production
  • Matrix timetable production
  • Electronic departure indicator systems
  • Timetable books or leaflets
  • Web based timetable pages

Diadem+ allows the user to export timetables in formats that follow standards including text, ASP, XLS, HTML and HTML with template.

The standard version of Diadem+ includes the facility to export TransXChange 2.1 General. Optional (chargeable) functionality includes the ability to import TransXChange 2.1 General and to import/export TransXChange 2.1 Registation (Electronic Bus Service Registration – EBSR). The Registration export is based on TransXChange and provides for data at timing point level (an electronic representation of the paper-based system).

The text file format from Diadem+ can be dropped into most desktop publishing systems, including QuarkExpress.

NaPTAN stops and service details are also accommodated. Additional NaPTAN fields can be added to the Diadem+ system if required. Geo co-ordinates can be input into Diadem+.

ATCO.CIF, OMNI.CIF, RAIL.CIF, HASTUS, SSIM, National Express (Native format) and LUL (native format) data feeds can be converted into BTD (Basic Timetable Data) format then imported into Diadem+.

One of the latest optional extras is the Expansion facility. This allows a user to automatically populate the time field for intermediate stops (Non Timing points) at the touch of a button. This is a huge timesaver for any user who inputs times for intermediate stops.


Specifically designed to support developments in PTI.

Straightforward and easy to use allowing non-technical people to maintain and edit data.

Flexible – It allows you to include, as much information as you feel is required for your timetables.

Low cost of ownership

Easy to upgrade licence. Functionality can be switched on immediately upon purchase of a new licence key.


The system run’s on all Microsoft supported windows based PC’s with a minimum specification of Pentium II 450MHz with 256MB.