Internet Journey Planning

JourneyPlan offers both point to point and place/point to place/point interfaces. An operational example of a point to point internet journey planner can be accessed at this contains bus rail and coach services for Northern Ireland.

The largest Internet application of the software is operated by OVR in The Netherlands and receives approximately 80,000 enquires per day. This provides journeys from any address to any other address within The Netherlands, using all forms of public transport - - (the interface was developed by OVR and is in Dutch only – for some assistance see[1]). Both implementations use the same trip planning building block, but have different modules to provide distinctive user interfaces and to provide diverse kinds of additional or more detailed information.

[1] The information in the OVR internet journey planner is in Dutch only. An English interface can be provided at a later stage to provide a comprehensive test.

  • click on “reisadvies”
  • “plaats” type a place name (the system will offer a pick list)
  • “straat” type a street name or ‘laan’ to (the system will offer a pick list)
  • “adveis” summarises the journey
  • “Tariefinfo” provides fares information.