Making more from your data with JourneyScreens

JourneyScreen is JourneyPlan’s new low-cost timetable departure and arrival display system that uses the same data set as our call centre and Internet journey planners.

JourneyScreen uses Internet technology to distribute passenger transport information to bus stops and stations from a single data source. This can incorporate real-time data on delays and so forth, where available.

A key feature of JourneyScreen is its cost-effectiveness. JourneyPlan has used its expertise in PTI technology to develop a system based on existing pervasive technologies thus avoiding huge infrastructure costs.


Chief benefits of JourneyScreen include:

  • PC’s running JourneyScreen can support several physical screens.
  • Each LCD or CRT computer screen can display multiple JourneyScreens.
  • JourneyScreens can also be alternated and split to suit the PT information being displayed.
  • Graphics and stop information templates are easy to change and can be changed remotely by the customer.
  • As JourneyScreen has its own windows compatible Internet browser it will run on standard PCs running windows: there is no need to invest in additional hardware.
  • Any LCD or CRT computer screen can be used with JourneyScreen. Even LED displays can be used..

JourneyScreen meets the demands for cost-effective electronic displays that make even more use of our customer’s data. In addition, it includes the ability for our customers, if they wish, to change their own templates and graphics. JourneyScreen delivers a reliable, robust and functionally rich solution which can be implemented quickly and inexpensively to give their customers an enhanced service.

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